Meeting Ms Maisie, and a little bit about the apple falling close to the tree

Lucy had the chance to accompany a friend and her family to North Carolina last weekend for the holiday. She returned late Monday night proudly showing off her souvenir. A 16 week old kitty she had named “Maisie”.

Yes, you read that correctly. She found a free kitty. In North Carolina. After being told sternly many times over the years that a kitty was a no no since a couple of her brothers have cat allergies, and that yes while they left for college they presumably would still be calling this “home” on occasion, she came home with a cat.

She went on a 4 day vacation. She came home with a cat. Who’s child is this anyway???

*ahem…slinking quietly into the background and hiding behind a tree.

She actively searched for free kitties online on her way down in the car. She negotiated a meeting for after church at the hotel she was staying at, and used her “souvenir” money to purchase a kitty carrier, collar with a bell, and food bowls.

She even produced papers showing its first round of shots competed. And she brought it all the way home. From North Carolina……

Dale’s mouth opened and closed and open and closed silently like a goldfish. He looked back and forth between Lucy holding the kitty, and at me in disbelief while I tried my damndest to look like I hadn’t the faintest idea she had hatched the plan while texting with her on the drive.

Its pretty impossible to look at this child beaming with delight, cradling the wee thing in a makeshift papoose and be mad.

I turned to Dale and said “who’s going to tell her she has to take it back?”

Yes. This child is a force of nature. A bit too much like her mother. I looked at her and said to Dale “with this one, its like standing at the shore and telling the waves not to come in.”

It’s happening anyway so make your peace with it, take a nice deep breath, and dive on in.


Just crazy enough to try

Just crazy enough to try

Well offspring #3 informed us that the rest of his tuition is due in full at the end of the month. Offspring #4’s installment is also due that same week, and amusingly enough our mortgage payment is just days later. Offspring #5 needs fistfuls and fistfuls of dough for college applications, driving hours, and plain teenagery stuff.

We know the drill. We’ve been through this a couple of times and have run through the gamut of financial tricks. We’ve sold kidneys, semen and blood and washed windows of cars at busy intersections for freewill donations.

We’ve run through them all.

Time to double down, pull our panties over our heads, arm ourselves with nerf weapons and hope for the best at the bank because we’re out of ideas and just crazy enough to try. And yes, we could only afford the one pair of panties, amd yes, we are wearing it.


Self control starts with….OMG GREAT BIG PUMPKINS!!!

I have a challenge with impulsivity. Actually I have no challenge with impulsivity at all. If impulse strikes, so do I! I guess the challenge is in developing some. A fete I have yet to accomplish.

On the way home from work yesterday I decided to stop by the market to pick a few things up for the weekend in hopeful anticipation of children stopping by to eat my food. It’s a cheap ploy to lure them home but it works.

I work the overnight shifts at a hospital so coming home, feeding critters and diving right into bed to get “a full nights rest” by 3pm is important.

But this day I decided go shave less than an hour off my sleep schedule to grab edible items. I didnt make it 10 feet from my car when I spotted them.

Big, huge, gorgeously enormous pumpkins winking seductively at me in the early morning light of the parking lot.

I’ll just grab one or two…
My FIRST attempt through the store ended with exactly zero things to eat because the basket was piled high with pumpkins AND mums. I had to pay for them, load them into the car, and headed back for a second attempt at purchasing the actual food I was there for.

When all was said and done, the back of the car was piled full of pumpkins, mums, a cinnamon scented broomstick and exactly one bag of groceries.

Food (in bag) to “OOOOH!!! Look at THOSE!!!” Items ratio obviously needs work.

And that one little hour off of my sleep? Yeah, no. That turned into full fledged outdoor thing. Me just quietly going about being AWESOME and decorating with pumpkins. And just like that it was 1pm. My eyes were bloodshot, my feet were wet and cold, my hands to my elbows were covered in dirt.

“I’ll just cut a little of the decorative grass to tie to the fence posts….itll take no time at all…..”

I can, you know, stop. I can stop any time I want to. I do not have a problem. Well, the problem is I just dont want to.

And yes, yes I did swing by on the way home today for just a few more pumpkins to round out the piles.

I can stop anytime I wanna.


My favorite girl since forever and a heartbeat

My favorite girl since forever and a heartbeat. The flower of my garden. Her name means “light”. And she is. She both delights my heart, and she lights my heart.

She once picked every orange flower she could find in our yard and brought the beautiful posies to me curled up in bed. “I know you’re blue today and orange is the opposite of blue so I picked every orange flower I could find for you to make you happy”.

That is my child. My youngest. My beautiful
and earth shaking, storm chasing, peacemaking young woman.

Tomorrow is her last first day of school. It’s our last first day of school because tomorrow she starts her senior year.

I’m a mix and a wash of feelings, orange ones and blue ones. I welcome them all and let them each have their moment.

It’s really here. She’s ready. She’s more than ready. It just all takes off from here. I don’t want to miss a single moment of her. My favorite girl since forever and a heartbeat.


Not really a wait for help kind of woman

I have a history of diving into projects without much thought apart from “this really needs to be fixed, painted, built, cooked, moved”.

I don’t take the time to research, gather all the necessary items, wait for help. I just dive in like a fool trusting that the universe totally has my back. I’m the trust fall champ of the world.

This has led to my family cringing at my use of “banging rocks” while hammering, despite all the tools out back in the shed. Why go dig out a hammer when this nice, lopsided and unwieldy heavy rock is laying so close to my reach?

Why wait for any one of my naturally monkey skilled climbers to come home and get the big ladder when I have this perfectly slanted so I can slide out onto it roof to hang lights for the holidays? If it’s my time, it’s my time and at least the house will look pretty. My family amd friends are shaking their heads so we’ll just agree to disagree and I’ll get started on that next just caught my eye thing.

I do have lines I generally speaking dont cross. Cars. Cars are a total blindspot for me. What I know about cars can fill a shot glass. With room to spare. For car stuff, I usually just turn the music really loud until I cant hear the strange sound, and keep going until I can coast into my driveway where I turn the keys over to hubby and leave it at that.

I can call AAA faster than I can eat icecream and i can eat icecream really fast. Brain freeze and everything.
But today while i was driving there was a sound I couldn’t ignore and I really wanted to get where I was going. I am still me so I still ran my errand with the music nice and loud, but when I got home I decided to see what I could see, and to see if I had made it worse.

I daintily laid down in my driveway and shimmied under the car to have a look. My ever present pawpatrol crawled under with me. The fur of us blinked up at the cramped and yet vast array of foriegn thingys. I could see a box like thingy (not the muffler because amazingly enough I can recognize that) hanging down on one side and held in place on the other side with an old ziptie.

“I bet I can jerryrig this to hold” I decided and slithered out to grab what I could find after sending pix to the hubs. I found a role of wire, wire cutters, and a single heavy duty ziptie and headed back to the car.

I wiggled and twisted and blinked away a constant sprinkling of rust and other “stuff” and let my arms drop to the pavement to survey my handiwork. I’m honestly ridiculously proud of myself!!! I managed to anchor the thingy in 4 places to the frame using the wire and the one heavy duty zip tie!

One of my sons decided photographic evidence was required for his siblings. He said he was impressed especially with my not so very distant “banging rock” history, that I was actually under a car and actually using legitimate tools. He’s too fast to catch and I’m not spry enough to catch him so he won that round. But I won the day. Boom. Let’s hope this holds for a trip to the beach because I’ll be damned if I don’t deserve it. This woman waits for no one. Well, except AAA.


Ready for a reset

Ready for a reset

Everyone needs a reset day. A refresh. Whatever it takes to take care of the body, mind, and spirit. The summer has been full and fast and lately I’ve felt a bit …crowded inside. As if there wasn’t enough room for everything contained within. A weariness. Sometimes I forget to take time to reset and let go.

I left early this morning with my go bag stocked and found myself following the tiny voice inside (that had lately been screaming) wherever it wanted to go. Like a homing pidgeon I pulled In to a spot at the beach, changed between two car doors (my own in case you’re thinking to yourself, “now I know this woman and there is absolutely no guarantee she didn’t strip with strangers…”) and landed on soft sand by 1pm.

I dropped everything and walked straight into the ocean until the waves covered me and stayed like that for a while before climbing into a low chair near the dunes, leaning all the way back, closing my eyes, surrounded by deafening sea and a beautiful breeze.

Even very dark and cold clouds bearing thick rain drops and rumbles of thunder couldn’t pull me away. I let the storm pass right over me, face up to the sky (fingers crossed because I did spot a bolt or two) until the beach was pretty much abandoned.

Now I’m sitting in my car (having stripped and changed again between my car doors) looking out at the little bits of late day sun trying to break through the clouds and sprinkles and I know its time to head home. I feel lighter inside. My skin smells nice like salt and rain and coconut. I’m ready to go.