I wore my badass panties today. I wanted to remind my doctor just who he was about to jam a bunch of needles into and make his personal pin cushion. It’s important to intimate your opponent.

The truth is, I’m also wearing them to remind myself. Another procedure to manage pain. It’s like looking at mountain after mountain sometimes.

Each new therapy and treatment becomes a part of the new me, added to my calendar on repeat: epidural treatments every 3 months, radio frequency oblation every 6…etc. The new old me.

You know those car covers they have to make old heaps look like corvettes when they’re covered up? They need to start making a version of that for people.

My doctor decided that cortisone shots won’t be effective at this stage and decided on a radio frequency oblation along three places. This kind of blasts some of the nerves to kill a few to quiet the pain. Bad. Ass.

I have to have three treatments done in three places along each side of the spine three times. They do one side first and then when I’ve had all three rounds of treatments they’ll start on the other side. I feel yucky now but only because of the local anesthesia that I always have a reaction to.

I have few restrictions other than to rest for a day or two and not be an idiot, so as long as I can not be an idiot this should be cake.

Who’s taking “idiot by brunch time Sunday”?

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