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I am a girly girl through and through.  I love gorgeous makeup, getting my nails done, glamming it up, and all the lovely things that go with it. What I don’t love is having to spend time doing it.

Makeup (and I LOVE makeup) has never been a skill in my arsenal. Think Instagram fails, and clown college tryouts.  I’m also active, outside a lot, and not a fan of my face melting off. I want, in short, to look fabulous and to put zero effort in while doing it. I’m lazy as hell that way but I want what I want.

This week I completed my first residency and I decided to treat myself to lip blushing (micropigmentation). I have to say I love  the results. I adore pretty lip color and have accumulated obscene piles of glosses and lipsticks. What I haven’t loved has been the mask mess this past year.

My mission: find a way to have it ALL.

I have been playing around with ways of cutting down (or out entirely) as many products as possible in an attempt to achieve a wake up and go-mess free-always on point look with absolutely no effort on my part.

I stopped wearing eye makeup and lipstick and instead went with lash extensions  and lipblushing (@beautifullookus ). I tossed my foundation and powder, and focused on good skin health, and moisturizing face oils to get a dewy complexion. Instead of spending money on products, over time I invested in dysport treatments  to smooth lines and  (treat my TMJ, amazing to be pain free after so many years!), the perfect peel to target melasma (dark patches), and lip filler to add a little oomph to my pout

I admit to being surprised when I crawled out of bed yesterday at an unholy hour to go to the gym for an ass kicking at the hands of my hilarious and sadistic trainer (@Ediaz691who deserves a blog piece entirely his own for the excellent hellscape of a fitness journey he is marshaling me through), threw cold water on my face and looked up to see a deceptively ready to go face on my not ready to be awake and ass kicked body. Well hello gorgeous,  lets go get this pain party started! Mission accomplished.  Time to go be awesome.

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