What the card tells you

I’ve worked through two covid outbreaks and been on the front lines like so many other essential workers. We’re the ones stripping naked next to our cars so we don’t expose our families to more than we already are forced to, due to the nature of our work.

We’re the ones taking baths in hand sanitizer and leaving our work shoes in plastic bags in our trunks. We’re the ones working straight through the holidays and breaks and taking power naps in chairs in our break rooms and cafeterias, six feet apart.

I’ll be the guinea pig for others because its my hope that this reduces the risk of exposure to my family since I pose the biggest one. I’d rather have waited to see how the vaccine pans out over time but sometimes you gotta just do it for others.

Ive seen some posts about the frustration of having to wait for the 3rd or 4th round and I hear you. This entire situation is so far from ideal. People are worried and stressed and anxious to be inoculated against this.

Maybe keep hold of the thought that the ones receiving the 1st and 2nd round are also the ones who have been on the front lines without a break. Did you know that health care workers aren’t allowed to quarantine when they’ve been directly exposed?

We’re compelled to work if we’re asymptomatic while we wait for the results of yet another exposure induced test because if we stayed home every time we were directly exposed there would be no one to care for the sick. Thats our job.

We’re the ones who are required to work through holidays and snow storms and power outages whether we’ve slept or not. We stay until the roads have been cleared and the next shift has been able to shovel out and get to us to maintain safe patient staff ratios. We can’t abandon our patients. Its the law. Sometimes that’s a very long wait and we still have to dig out our cars to go home.

We’re the ones stripping down and bagging our work clothes before we go home. We keep our work shoes in the trunk next to our overnight bag and shovel incase we have to stay through another shift because of a storm. Without hazard pay or bonuses or increases in our differentials.

It’s hard to wait and you shouldn’t have to. Im grateful. Im fortunate. Im also worried about everything I face and force my family to face so I’m thankful that I was able to be in the 1st round. Hopefully it works.

If it doesn’t, I did let the kids know I love them and where my porn stash is so they could clear everything out before my parents get there.

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