Grad school diaries

Dear Diary,

it’s been a hell of a steep learning curve for me this past week 1 of grad school and I’m only half way through it.

I went to college back before the internet launched and used my mom’s old black metal typewriter for assignments.

The hardest parts were keeping the keys from tangling, getting the inky ribbon in correctly, and trying to realign the page after whiting out a mistake so that the text was at the same level.

Forget this new moras of open tabs, the rabbit holes you fall down into when you click on links within links within links within links only to try to work your way back to the spot you need to be on.

I keep panicking looking at the damn clock in the corner of the screen that keeps counting down until my assignment is due , breathing through the terror, and plowing on.

Can we talk about all the absolutely cringe worthy video presentations I’ve already subjected my peers and professors to?!?

Lord help me….no, seriously, God I know you’re watching and laughing at me so I feel the least you could do is throw me a bone and make this process less anxious.






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