Treating myself

I did something for myself that I’ve wanted to try for AGES. I saved a little here and there and every time I felt tempted to buy yet another plumping lipgloss (I have a drawer full) to make my full mouth a bit juicier, I stuffed that money into an envelope.

Im not perfect, no one is. My body and I have had a tumultuous relationship over the years and I have worked hard to love and to embrace myself since I am so fortunate to have a body that WORKS even when it hurts.

Im also a staunch supporter of the “treat yourself” movement in my ongoing quest to master excellent selfcare. So I DID. Treat myself. So much thanks to my incredibe and wonderfully talented friend, Kristina @hellobeautifulmedspa for the plump new pout! She has been my fountain of youth for years now and continues to ease me into my golden years (I routinely send her gifs of cranky old ladies with my desperate cries for help).

Today she smoothed me over and eased my TMJ pain with jeaveau, then juiced up my soup coolers with restylane. I know there are plenty of people who will have an opinion about my chosing to go this route but I’m not in favor of body shaming others whether they proudly embrace what they were born with as they age, or they choose to kiss science full on the mouth. Im not going to grow old gracefully. I don’t do ANYTHING gracefully. Thank heaven for sock drawer stashes and good friends.






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