Selfcare 101 and long, lovely lashes

I am so grateful for the moments I can steal away to pamper myself with a little self care. I’m famous for slipping away to the beach for a few hours before work. I treat myself to beautiful lashes that soften my tired eyes through long shifts at night. I take glorious naps. I mean, I take truly magnificent naps. Breathtaking and impressive ones. The kind of naps you dream about when you’re not actually napping.

Sometimes I just stand in my yard in a swimsuit, watering my garden and staring at my chickens and ducks and turkeys because they make me smile and the sun feels wonderful on my skin.

I’m pushy when it comes to making sure those around me take time to take care too. Ask any coworker and they’ll tell you I’m relentless. If you work with me,  you’re going to take your whole damn break no matter how busy it is. I’ll strong arm you off the unit if I have to. Stepping away from anything for a breather is like the oxygen mask on an airplane. Its essential to your well-being. Breathe deeply, babe, we’ve all got a ways to go yet. Take that break.

You’re also going to schedule the appointments you’ve been putting off, start planning that trip, start that pinterest board of diy project ideas you’ve been eagerly telling me about, and your going to laugh as much as possible because I won’t stop until you do and you’re going to put yourself on your calendar because it’s easier to appease me than to endure my hounding and nagging you to engage in selfcare.

Life has never been crazier than it has been for all of us everywhere all over the world right now. It’s important to feed yourself,  to water your spirit,  to nurture your soul. Whatever you do that makes you feel refreshed, do it. Put yourself on your calendar each week.

Protect that appointment with yourself like you would your own child’s.  Take a walk, take a drive, take a nap.  Read a book, play your favorite music, putter. Be mindful,  be mindless. Take a break. Whatever you do,  take care. You only get one you. Oh, and wear a damn mask. I’m relentless about that too.

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