You have to be the storm

You have to be the storm.  You have  to bring that disquieting change, the wind that bends tall trees, that uproots  the ones that should have fallen long ago.

You have to be the thunder sounding loud and rolling for miles, bellow, growl, howl and wail and roar. You have to be heard.

You have to be electric and light up everything around you so that the truth, the truth of everything around you cant be unseen, can’t be ignored any longer.

You have to be the deluge, the downpour, the flood, the torrent that sweeps in and inundates, engulfs and overwhelms them with the truth.

You have to be the storm. This world, our world, your world demands it of you. Truth crawls through the dessert,  dying under a knee pressed against a neck.

Don’t be compliant, 
acquiescent,  and agreeable. Dont
softy surrender to the comfort of  conformity, the dessert, the pinch and scarcity of equality too many have died from for too long.

You have to be the storm.

#socialjustice #humanrights #justice #equality  #blacklivesmatter  #racialjustice  #freedom #racism  #socialchange  #antiracism

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