Suped up coop-deville

Our wee baby chickens and as it turns out, two baby turkeys (yes two turned out to be turkeys) rapidly outgrown the rubbermaid tote in our also wee kitchen. As it happens I have an entire pinterest page dedicated to all things chicken and had been pining for new nesting boxes and a little nursery for chicks inside the main coop for ages.

Yesterday I cornered hubby and batted my eyelashes at him. The 9 extensions I have left at this point in my exile. You see I’ve been exiled 2 weeks longer than he has, and except for a single weekly run for supplies (a strick adherence to minimizing exposure to one of our kids), and daily walks with the dogs I’ve had nothing to do except clean inside and out.

Last week I ran out of things I could do without help. I wrote, I walked more, I cleaned more, and I tried not to crawl out of my skin itching to get out.

After a particularly low moment and mild tantrum hubby took pity on me and said we could spend the weekend on all things chicken. My heart raced at the thought of a run to Home depot!

I was quickly and roundly shut down. There would be no run to home depot or to any other public place. It was not essential, it was not in our budget, and it was not our shopping day. Once a week. We had agreed.  Hubby was certain we could salvage and repurpose odds and ends from the shed into the things of my dreams. I was less confident.  I’ve seen his shed. I was also aching to go somewhere, anywhere and just BUY stuff.

I scowled and glowered at my better half. I gazed longingly at the keys dangling from the hook by the back door. I sent a furtive glance at the car through the window then resigned myself to helping gather supplies from around the yard.

He’s a talented and creative builder, that man. We all have things we contribute to  a relationship.  He can build stuff out of nothing.  Odds and ends. Me? Not so much. I can, however,  shovel the hell out of piles of crap, and that I did in spades while hubby made magic.

Two days of sweat and swears with goats zipping around the yard munching the raked piles of leaves, dogs running after goats and winding around our legs like cats, and the chickens and ducks watching everything with mild curiosity and we were ready to drop.

The nesting boxes are EXACTLY what I wanted and the little nursery section inside the coop looks WONDERFUL.  We spread fresh shavings,  tucking a nice soft layer in each box, and then moved everyone in.

I held the camera and a flashlight so I could capture the unveiling. It was dark and late and the big chickens had already decided to hang onto their perches outside. Hubby had to pick each one up and shove them through the little door at the back.

There was a bit of clucking and quacking and confusion until they spotted their new neighbors staring back at them in a tiny, huddled bundle in the nursery in the corner. There was a moment of quiet while each group sized up the other before deciding it was late, things were very confusing, they were all a bit weary, and there would be time enough in the morning to see everything more clearly.

That goes for us too. There will be time enough in the morning to see everything more clearly. For now, we rest.


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