Her hands

Today I video chatted with my parents while sitting in my car parked in my driveway, my three dogs slumbering in the backseat on a blanket I stuck there for them, knowing they would be noisy inside the house, but happy to curl up near me while I talked.

I chose the car because it was the only unoccupied space, every other room in the house being used as remote classrooms, practice rooms, and one at home office.

We started talking about favorite Lebanese dishes we each have been making lately, and planing our next shopping trip based on some recipes I hadn’t made in ages.

I love, love , loved when my mom pulled out her well loved, well used and well worn cookbook,  with its oil stains and crumpled pages and handwritten notations.  I loved it almost as much as I loved the sight of my mom’s hands in this picture holding the book up to the camera so I could see.  Her hands are love itself.


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