I’ll take all the little miracles I can get

It’s amazing how vast and deep our love grows for someone, without us even noticing the breadth, until we come close to losing them. Even if that someone is covered in fur, and leaves muddy paw prints all over the place.

Noel  has always been a little miraculous with just how many lives shes touched through pet therapy.  I’ve been reluctant to post an update on her healing until she was well and truly out of the woods and into the clear. We were worried she was just rallying for a bit because she was happy to be home with familiar smells and sounds and the people who adore her, and wanted to give it time.

Noel surprised us all, the vet included,  and has grown stronger every day, and closer to her regular measure of silliness and self appointed enthusiastic yard protector.

Yesterday we took to the rail trail for the first real (gently paced,  frequently stopping and sniffing paced) walk. It was such a delight to watch the three happy puppies (I know, I know they’re actually old ladies, but they’ll forever be puppies to me❤) hopping and skipping and sniffing and rolling around that trail.

There was no actual “walking”, just lots of ridiculous displays of joy. I abandoned any goal of reaching the mile markers, and just grinned and followed them from pile of interesting thing to pile of interesting thing.

Noel and I are hoping to be back in schools and hospitals soon, ready to snuggle when you are.


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