Stand and be counted

Stand and be counted.

I have never been more proud of my daughter than I am right now.

That is saying a lot.

She was placed in the position of adding her voice to powerful messages of hateful teachings of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identification, and women’s rights while leading a retreat, a “safe space”, and she refused.

She did more than just refuse, she stood up to be counted. She spoke up. She stood toe to toe. She would not back down to pressure by adults she has revered.

It was a crushing moment. People let you down in those moments. Adults let you down when they hold a place of love and honor in your life and ask you to do something that you know in your heart to be wrong. Its crushing.

She stood tall and strong and refused to stand in front of her peers and add her voice to hate. She endured pressure and anger and judgment and still stood fast and strong. She tore the teachings up and dumped them exactly where they belong, in the trash, and she voted with her feet and walked out of those doors.

To those of you who face discrimination based on your sexual orientation, your gender identification, on anything at all know this;

We stand with you. You have our voice, our love, our vote and you are not alone.

God does not judge people.

People judge people.

Love is love. Hate is hate. When you encounter hate, stand up and stand strong.

You, every single one of you, are an irrepeatable gift.

You are loved.

THAT is your birthright and I will die defending it.






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