A fowl season for pumpkins

I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been shackled to the house and my bed and my couch for a few days, easing through this flareup.

I sat curled on a lawn chair wrapped in a soft blanket and watched my ever curious chickens scoping out my pumpkins, waiting for me to go inside so they could begin their usual carnage of my seasonal displays.

I watched them with amusement as they abandoned all self control and attacked the beautiful and peace loving gourds.
The puppies arrived on scene too late to chase them off.

I snapped a few pix and then, after they wandered contentedly towards the coop for the evening, grabbed a couple of acorns and small sticks and a leaf to complete the “fowl” tableau left behind by my chicks.

I am ridiculously pleased with myself. One does need to amuse one’s self in times such as these.


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Blogger, life enthusiast, queen of chaos. Author and star of #closertocrazy, and Hairbeast Productions. I live in north central Massachusetts on a tiny misshapen, entirely accidental farm. Life is always an adventure! Available for freelance writing and social media Brand Building consultation Contact me at lastlaughliz@gmail.com to discuss projects and fees

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