Meeting Ms Maisie, and a little bit about the apple falling close to the tree

Lucy had the chance to accompany a friend and her family to North Carolina last weekend for the holiday. She returned late Monday night proudly showing off her souvenir. A 16 week old kitty she had named “Maisie”.

Yes, you read that correctly. She found a free kitty. In North Carolina. After being told sternly many times over the years that a kitty was a no no since a couple of her brothers have cat allergies, and that yes while they left for college they presumably would still be calling this “home” on occasion, she came home with a cat.

She went on a 4 day vacation. She came home with a cat. Who’s child is this anyway???

*ahem…slinking quietly into the background and hiding behind a tree.

She actively searched for free kitties online on her way down in the car. She negotiated a meeting for after church at the hotel she was staying at, and used her “souvenir” money to purchase a kitty carrier, collar with a bell, and food bowls.

She even produced papers showing its first round of shots competed. And she brought it all the way home. From North Carolina……

Dale’s mouth opened and closed and open and closed silently like a goldfish. He looked back and forth between Lucy holding the kitty, and at me in disbelief while I tried my damndest to look like I hadn’t the faintest idea she had hatched the plan while texting with her on the drive.

Its pretty impossible to look at this child beaming with delight, cradling the wee thing in a makeshift papoose and be mad.

I turned to Dale and said “who’s going to tell her she has to take it back?”

Yes. This child is a force of nature. A bit too much like her mother. I looked at her and said to Dale “with this one, its like standing at the shore and telling the waves not to come in.”

It’s happening anyway so make your peace with it, take a nice deep breath, and dive on in.


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