Self control starts with….OMG GREAT BIG PUMPKINS!!!

I have a challenge with impulsivity. Actually I have no challenge with impulsivity at all. If impulse strikes, so do I! I guess the challenge is in developing some. A fete I have yet to accomplish.

On the way home from work yesterday I decided to stop by the market to pick a few things up for the weekend in hopeful anticipation of children stopping by to eat my food. It’s a cheap ploy to lure them home but it works.

I work the overnight shifts at a hospital so coming home, feeding critters and diving right into bed to get “a full nights rest” by 3pm is important.

But this day I decided go shave less than an hour off my sleep schedule to grab edible items. I didnt make it 10 feet from my car when I spotted them.

Big, huge, gorgeously enormous pumpkins winking seductively at me in the early morning light of the parking lot.

I’ll just grab one or two…
My FIRST attempt through the store ended with exactly zero things to eat because the basket was piled high with pumpkins AND mums. I had to pay for them, load them into the car, and headed back for a second attempt at purchasing the actual food I was there for.

When all was said and done, the back of the car was piled full of pumpkins, mums, a cinnamon scented broomstick and exactly one bag of groceries.

Food (in bag) to “OOOOH!!! Look at THOSE!!!” Items ratio obviously needs work.

And that one little hour off of my sleep? Yeah, no. That turned into full fledged outdoor thing. Me just quietly going about being AWESOME and decorating with pumpkins. And just like that it was 1pm. My eyes were bloodshot, my feet were wet and cold, my hands to my elbows were covered in dirt.

“I’ll just cut a little of the decorative grass to tie to the fence posts….itll take no time at all…..”

I can, you know, stop. I can stop any time I want to. I do not have a problem. Well, the problem is I just dont want to.

And yes, yes I did swing by on the way home today for just a few more pumpkins to round out the piles.

I can stop anytime I wanna.


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