Not really a wait for help kind of woman

I have a history of diving into projects without much thought apart from “this really needs to be fixed, painted, built, cooked, moved”.

I don’t take the time to research, gather all the necessary items, wait for help. I just dive in like a fool trusting that the universe totally has my back. I’m the trust fall champ of the world.

This has led to my family cringing at my use of “banging rocks” while hammering, despite all the tools out back in the shed. Why go dig out a hammer when this nice, lopsided and unwieldy heavy rock is laying so close to my reach?

Why wait for any one of my naturally monkey skilled climbers to come home and get the big ladder when I have this perfectly slanted so I can slide out onto it roof to hang lights for the holidays? If it’s my time, it’s my time and at least the house will look pretty. My family amd friends are shaking their heads so we’ll just agree to disagree and I’ll get started on that next just caught my eye thing.

I do have lines I generally speaking dont cross. Cars. Cars are a total blindspot for me. What I know about cars can fill a shot glass. With room to spare. For car stuff, I usually just turn the music really loud until I cant hear the strange sound, and keep going until I can coast into my driveway where I turn the keys over to hubby and leave it at that.

I can call AAA faster than I can eat icecream and i can eat icecream really fast. Brain freeze and everything.
But today while i was driving there was a sound I couldn’t ignore and I really wanted to get where I was going. I am still me so I still ran my errand with the music nice and loud, but when I got home I decided to see what I could see, and to see if I had made it worse.

I daintily laid down in my driveway and shimmied under the car to have a look. My ever present pawpatrol crawled under with me. The fur of us blinked up at the cramped and yet vast array of foriegn thingys. I could see a box like thingy (not the muffler because amazingly enough I can recognize that) hanging down on one side and held in place on the other side with an old ziptie.

“I bet I can jerryrig this to hold” I decided and slithered out to grab what I could find after sending pix to the hubs. I found a role of wire, wire cutters, and a single heavy duty ziptie and headed back to the car.

I wiggled and twisted and blinked away a constant sprinkling of rust and other “stuff” and let my arms drop to the pavement to survey my handiwork. I’m honestly ridiculously proud of myself!!! I managed to anchor the thingy in 4 places to the frame using the wire and the one heavy duty zip tie!

One of my sons decided photographic evidence was required for his siblings. He said he was impressed especially with my not so very distant “banging rock” history, that I was actually under a car and actually using legitimate tools. He’s too fast to catch and I’m not spry enough to catch him so he won that round. But I won the day. Boom. Let’s hope this holds for a trip to the beach because I’ll be damned if I don’t deserve it. This woman waits for no one. Well, except AAA.


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