Ready for a reset

Ready for a reset

Everyone needs a reset day. A refresh. Whatever it takes to take care of the body, mind, and spirit. The summer has been full and fast and lately I’ve felt a bit …crowded inside. As if there wasn’t enough room for everything contained within. A weariness. Sometimes I forget to take time to reset and let go.

I left early this morning with my go bag stocked and found myself following the tiny voice inside (that had lately been screaming) wherever it wanted to go. Like a homing pidgeon I pulled In to a spot at the beach, changed between two car doors (my own in case you’re thinking to yourself, “now I know this woman and there is absolutely no guarantee she didn’t strip with strangers…”) and landed on soft sand by 1pm.

I dropped everything and walked straight into the ocean until the waves covered me and stayed like that for a while before climbing into a low chair near the dunes, leaning all the way back, closing my eyes, surrounded by deafening sea and a beautiful breeze.

Even very dark and cold clouds bearing thick rain drops and rumbles of thunder couldn’t pull me away. I let the storm pass right over me, face up to the sky (fingers crossed because I did spot a bolt or two) until the beach was pretty much abandoned.

Now I’m sitting in my car (having stripped and changed again between my car doors) looking out at the little bits of late day sun trying to break through the clouds and sprinkles and I know its time to head home. I feel lighter inside. My skin smells nice like salt and rain and coconut. I’m ready to go.


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