Making every moment count

Making every moment count

So many amazing sights and experiences, packed into so many moments big and small. After a whirlwind first day in NYC we let ourselves sleep in and set off on day two for Battery Park, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty.

I don’t care how dopey I sound, I was moved and so filled with the hugeness of it all. People coming from every corner or the world, piling onto boats, bouncing across roiling water, grey heavy skies, lightning arcing across hot muggy air. How did they survive their journeys? Pulling around and seeing that beautiful statue was a moment I won’t forget.

Ellis Island was so striking to me. We wandered around soaking everything in, tucked into a desk and scrolled through the database to find my family and touch their names, the dates they arrived on this very Island, and have it sink in that THIS, this place was where they first stayed while they waited to be welcomed in.

We left the ferry to soft rain, deciding we could walk a bit to say money on a ride. They skies opened wide and we found ourselves soaked to the bone, waking through crazy sideways rain for an hour before deciding some things were costlier than others and ordered a cab. Thank God too! It was another almost hour to the tiny apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan where we have been renting a room!

Thankfully we both packed a lot of extra underwear and shoes so dried, and fortified with food we headed to the theatre district that same evening at the invitation of a dear friend who was able to reserve standing room tickets for Lucy and me to see my first ever broadway show…”Hamilton”!

It was incredible. I don’t recall more than a few moments passing between the curtain rising and the curtain falling. I haven’t stoped grinning and dancing and delighting for more than a breath. After the show (which was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!) Lisa has us leave the theatre, go around the side the stage door to meet up with our friend Rob, where a very serious man stood with a clipboard that had our names on it. He let us inside backstage where Lisa gave us the full tour, and introduced us to some of the cast.

We stayed out late talking treason, and laughing over wine and beer, and found our way back to our beds around 2am.

Today we slept IN. Really really IN. We took the subway into Madison Square Park where we lunched, shopped for the birthday girl, bought fresh fruit from a street vendor, and a bottle of cheap red wine from a small shop and headed back to the apartment on the metro to rest.

We refused to slack and miss anything so we rallied in fine style for the evening to see Rob and friends in an improv comedy show. More beer, more wine, more talk of treason and more laughter.

Tomorrow is our last day. We booked our bus tickets for afternoon so we’ll still have time to take one last bus tour and see the Met before heading home.

It’s been an amazing, empowering and incredible experience. Already making plans for the next adventure. Blessed.





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