Girl power

Girl power

I’ve never done anything like this It’s really wide of my comfort zone so I’m kind of crazy proud of myself tonight. NYC…can’t believe I made it past crushing anxiety and panic.

Caleb was so sweet to me. He hugged me and said “it was really smart of future “you” to have Lucy getting off a bus in NYC, because if she wasn’t, if she was just flying home? Present “you” would have totally bailed by now on this trip.” And he’s right. I’d have canceled by Sunday.

It’s so agonizing to have that panic start to slowly build. It’s insidious, and paralyzing but I DID IT. I actually got on a bus and got myself here for the first time ever. I found my way to where Lucy was (we arrived in different locations at different times!) ate slices of pizza served by the most delightfully colorful woman, and found our way to the tiny apartment we are renting a room in.

Had a delightful late lunch of thick cheesecake slices and iced tea with one of the most kickass women I am proud to call a friend where we talked treason and hatched plans before walking her back to the theater she works at.

We walked through Times Square, the Theatre district, SoHo, a dizzying array of candy shops and makeup stores, before entering Central Park where we walked for hours , past the zoo, the Shakespeare gardens, and so many beautiful sights! Came out of the park right in front of the museum of natural history and flopped on a bench to wait for a cab.

Cold showers, long drinks of water, laying side by side on a shared bed, cooled by fans beside my favorite girl in the entire world. And it’s just day one of our awesome adventure.





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