When everything goes sideways

When everything goes sideways

I feel like my home is really a big boat with a hole we can never find, taking on more water than we can bail with our buckets. We stand hip deep in it, bailing and laughing with just a tinge of hysteria to our voices. Thankfully we both swim ok, and always liked the water.

I had already added extra shifts to prep for fall tuition installments for two of our five, when my oven breathed its last breath two weeks ago. Nothing to be alarmed over, no foul play or anything like that. The poor thing just died of extreme old age. And extreme over use. I site the aforementioned five offspring fed lovingly and copiously over the years.

As fate would have it my grandmother’s hand me down refrigerator died last night. Mostly thawed meat and vegetables weepingly announced its passing this morning. I personally think it died of a broken heart. The oven and fridge lived together in my kitchen for ages and could often be seen winking (doors not fully closed, thank you very much aforementioned offspring) at each other from across the tiny island.

Don’t even ask about my washer and dryer. One has consumption (it consumes socks one at a time), and the other says it’s tummy hurts and can it please stay home today. The answer to that question is “NO”. No one takes a day off of laundry in a family this large so suck it up buttercup and wash the damn load.

So now I’m a slave to graveyard shifts and cruising online sites on breaks for used appliances. Unfortunately there is no category on the site for “used tuition”. I know. I looked. Used every related search engine phrase I could think of from “free bags of cash” to “broke-ass mom”. Not one single hit. Still, I soldier on.






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