Re-homing Ellie

Its just the teensiest bit possible I might need someone to follow me around and tackle me to the ground when conversations turn to animals, particularly animals in need of re-homing.

It’s possible, but I’m not admitting anything, it’s just possible I may be a little impulsive and a bit of a soft touch.

Today at a friends baby shower the talk turned to who had what and how many pets. I heard myself replying to someone asking how many chickens I have now with “somewhere north of thirty I think?”

There was a super awkward silence followed by someone mentioning they knew a farmer thinning their herds. Alpacas, pigs, sheep…

Blood rushed in my ears, the room started spinning, and all of a sudden I was yelling:


And then I blacked out.

When I came to, I was met by head shaking friends, laughing and offering hot meals and couches to sleep on for when my husband finds out. Thankfully he’s out of town tonight.

One of them said “YOU might need rehoming after that!”

Hubby has yet to respond….😬




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