Three questions and a life with meaning

Three questions and a life with meaning

I love what I do. In one capacity or another I found myself doing it. As a mother, as an education coordinator, as a community development outreach liaison I’ve worked with kids. Through surprising twists I came to work in a hospital on the pediatric unit.

I work with some of the most beautiful kids in one of the toughest places to be in their lives, in one of the most challenging environments to work with them. Daily in the most humbling moments these children walk through fires together, cheering each other on, picking each other up.

The human spirit never ceases to amaze and inspire me. So much that even at the end of a very long day during a busy holiday, I feel contented and peaceful in my heart. I get to walk with them, to love them when they can’t see their own worth, to nurture them and to guide them and to keep them safe for a brief space of time in a storm between storms.

I get to see them leave, and when they do, my heart both constricts and expands with the love I have for them, hoping they won’t need to come back. I watch them go with the hope and worry of my mother’s heart. I watch them smile and hug and wave goodbyes.

Michael Himes, a philosopher I am such a big fan of, said that there are three questions a person should answer when considering the direction of their life in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Ask yourself what do I love to do? Am I any good at it? Will someone pay me to do it?

It took time and interesting turns before I found myself where I am today. It’s hard work. It takes every ounce of emotional strength every single day. It pushes me constantly to be stronger, softer, better as a person. I get home exhausted and happy. Sometimes I’m exhausted and weeping. But what I have, It’s rare. I know what I love to do. I am good at it. I am fortunate to be paid to do what I love with all my heart. Three questions.A contented heart. A life with meaning.

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