Broken is still beautiful

Ellie vs the Gingerbread house 2018: the saga continues

Broken is still beautiful ….sanding edges with a spice grinder to even the edges and measurements, melting candies for the stained glass windows, icing the sides a beautiful blue…..

Ive already broken three pieces but since I’ve broken my fair share of beauties over the years I’ve learned to keep a hot oven on standby and crushed clear mint candies to glue them back together.

Like human beings, even the broken pieces are beautiful when you take time and sweetness to help them back together. The cracks just tell part of the story of the build. Not perfect, but real.




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One thought on “Broken is still beautiful”

  1. Choosing which pieces and where they will be placed in the new creation is the miracle! Mosaic sculptures show this glorious rebirth form what some people see as destroyed, lost, beyond hope, or worthless. XO❤️



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