Strength and grace

I’m supposed to keep my head in a neutral position, pull my core tight, lengthen my spine, and focus on the breath in my body. my shoulders feel tired. My legs are shaking. Sweat is trickling down from my bunched up hair and itching on its slow path along my nose and neck. Everyone around me is in some version of this pose.

I have yet to emulate the strength and grace of our instructor and I don’t care that the 86 year old woman to my left manages to gracefully and perspirationlessly hold this position perfectly, any more than the woman struggling to keep steady on her knees to my right cares about my toes managing to hold me up. That’s the beauty of this class. It’s so mindfully based, each person flows along where their own body takes them. I can (and do) modify the hell out of each track based on what my body is able and willing to do in that moment.

I love this practice as much as I feel frustration at my limits. It’s good for me. It encourages me to look for a way forward. Any way forward. As long as I can move, I will move forward and breathe.





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