Today I am stillness

Two steps forward, one step back, that’s just the way life goes.

Some days you just have to surrender to the place that you are and give your body the love and care it needs to heal and to grow stronger.

It can mean tossing out your preplanned day of work and activities and being exactly where you are.

Surrendering to yourself and the things that you can not control is a challenge, but it is also a sign of wisdom and a strength in itself.

We must always push ourselves to be better and to stretch beyond our comfort zone in our efforts to elevate, to illuminate, and to grow.

Surrendering to what is beyond your control, and allowing yourself to be still, to listen to your body and heart’s voice is critical to this journey.

Stillness is uncomfortable.

I want to move and to accomplish. That is what we are programmed to do in society. To achieve. To be able to have something measurable to show for our time. We are pressured to base our worth on this. I don’t want to feel imprisoned.

When I fight against what my body needs, I feel imprisoned, unable to achieve, itching to move and to fly.

Stillness forces me to be quiet, to be present, to be alone with myself while my body does what it needs to do. That is my challenge.

But stillness is a gift. It creates the to opportunity to quiet, to slow, and to hear your heart.

So today I am stillness.







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