Homegirl cooking

Baking koosa tonight. A little homegirl cooking with my Sitto (Arabic for grandmother) and mamma beside me in spirit. ❤️

Koosa is a squash with a mild flavor and a very tender skin that is delicious.

I can’t find these at the usual stores so I rely on my parents to supply me when they make runs to Arabic markets. My brother brought this lovely batch to me at Thanksgiving and so he is wrapped in my thoughts as I prepare this dish.


The tool I use to core it is called an “Udah-Ouda”. That’s my best phonetic approximation. It was given to me by my parents and I always hear my father’s voice in my ear making the same bad jokes about proctologists when my mamma or I use it. I will never tire of either my father or his irreverent humor.

positive that my Sittu is rolling in her grave right now at my horrendous and public spelling fail.

My mamma is very generous in her compassionate view of my traditionally poor grammar. History with me and deep fondness has worn her down.

At any rate, I am certain they're each feeling the love that goes out whenever their recipes and stories are shared as much as I feel theirs when my hands begin to work. 😄






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