Iron clad for a little Fe

Fe. Iron. My fellow dorks and geeks out there can explain thats number 26 on the periodic table for those still scratching their heads and wondering, it’s important too. Like, really important. In fact did you know that iron is the most widely used and important metal? It has a very high tensile strength, which means it can be stretched without breaking. I like that. 

It’s also super important to the human body from providing life giving oxygen to our organs, to making red blood cells. It regulates body temperature, eliminates fatigue, boosts immunity, and about a dozen other pretty important things like curing chronic diseases. These interesting pieces of information become very meaningful when your body doesn’t have much, if any iron left stored in it and your hemoglobin levels are dragging ass. Like mine. 

I’m sitting in my car, parked in the lot outside my doctors office. My head is pressed against the cool glass of my window, I have a fistful of referrals and prescriptions and a list of things I need to do in one hand, and my keys in the other. Ok. Breathe.

How did I get here? Well, I drove for starters, but HOW did I get HERE? I’m someone who takes pride in being self aware, from good nutrition, to moderate exercise, and all that other sage burning, ommm chanting, green lifestyle crap that shouts to the world:
But somewhere along the line I hit a wall of wiped out exhaustion and too many months long lady parts hellishness that the mighty me finally reached a breaking point and ultimately graced my doctor with my presence.

Interestingly enough my doctor  (a woman  herself) wanted to hit my head against a wall at her office for being a fairly typical woman. 
We tend to do this to one degree or an other. We honestly do put ourselves on our “to do” list, absolutely, but all the way at the very bottom. Life just seems so very full of higher priorities. We train ourselves like this to the point of having a muscle memory of ignoring our most basic needs. On the surface we seem to be doing all the right things. It takes a wheel on our body blowing out on the highway of our life to cause us to swerve to the side of the road and call for help.

 It can take a lot of flat tires and leaky break lines before we get serious and really determine to make changes. To be iron clad in our resolve, as it were. Yeah, I love an awful pun and an even worse play on words. Rock on. You know, because iron is a mineral? The jokes don’t get better folks because as it turns out, iron is ALSO critical to brain function and I’m fresh out of both. 
So here I sit, dazed and unfocused and more than a little overwhelmed.  I have a lot to do. I’m at a serious deficit and am still staring down surgery in a few weeks. 
It’s pretty outside at this time of day and at this time of year. The late sun seems so cheery. Even this parking lot looks kind of nice in this light. So I’ll just sit here a little while longer and breathe. Like the iron I so desperately need, I can be stretched without breaking. So I’ll just sit here a bit longer and breathe.

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