Crying “uncle”

As surprising as this is, I can be very stubborn. I firmly believe in ignoring my body because it’s such a big, whiny baby. 
But 5 months of unrelenting pain in my left arm despite 2 MRI’s, 2 cortisone shots, PT (and an impressive amount of foulmouthed cursing by me the whole time) drove me to stop by my orthopedic doctor’s office after field appointments today. 
We sat across from each other in the exam room and stared at each other, my doctor and I. 
“Say it.” He said.
I remained stubbornly mute, glaring.
“SAY IT.” He repeated.
I stared past him with my arms crossed.
“Say. It.” He persisted.
“FINE! UNCLE! Are you satisfied?! Are you happy now?! UNCLE!” I shouted.
He slowly smiled and replied “Not REMOTELY. You are by FAR the worst patient I have.”
With that, he scheduled me for surgery November 1st (acromioplasty) to shave the bone down and remove the bursar to create more room inside, repair the tear and trim any frayed tendons that the curve of the current shape of the bone has “chewed away” at. It’s actually the same exact surgery he did on my right shoulder in 2007. My doctor wanted to do it mid October but (and this part I didn’t admit to him) I didn’t want to be laid up for Halloween, lol! 
It’s important to have priorities.

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