Questionable choices

Well, it’s back to the sling for me…I need another MRI, and according to my orthopedic doctor a really good kick in the pants, because he’s pretty sure it’s my left rotator cuff. 
When I asked if I could still run since I’m training for a half marathon he rolled his eyes audibly growled and said 
“ONLY if it doesn’t hurt. And not “hurt” by your standards, But “hurt” by a normal person with common sense standards! Only THEN!” 

I said to my doctor, “I feel like I’m buying you a boat” (he repaired my right knee in 2003, and my right shoulder in 2007) and he replied “I feel like you’re driving me to an early grave.” And he stormed out of the office. 

Sooooo, I guess I’m good to go for tomorrow’s easy 3 miler!

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2 thoughts on “Questionable choices”

  1. You never were one to take advice, suggestions, or outright firm directions from the time you could “express” yourself, so I’m guessing your doctor’s advice fell upon those blocked ears – not to mention aching shoulders. PLEASE! S L O W down – yes, it’s important to keep moving, but when your body is screaming for you to STOP even for a while, please, PLEASE, please listen. 🙂

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