Curly girl hell and the truth about humidity 

I have curly hair. Actually, my curly hair has me. It’s definitely the one calling the shots. It’s summer, it’s humid, there is a rainforest developing somewhere south of my ears. Every time the weather shifts into high gear like this, I have two options: shave my head, or find a way to deal. It’s come razor close many times. Figuratively and literally. The thing that has held me in check from giving in to the attacks of the crazies is that I’m 98% certain I do not have what it takes to rock the cue ball look. 
Right here is the part where I lay a little science on you, so get your pencils out because you’ll need to hold your questions and comments until the end.
 Humidity measures the amount of moisture present in the air. Usually, you can measure this with a hygrometer, a simple meter that tells you what percentage of water vapor the air contains. Isn’t that word fun to say? I like to roll the r’s and feel fancy. Go on and try it. Roll those r’s and fancy it up. You’ll be a total hit at parties. This is all super fascinating stuff isn’t it? See? It’s true, learning CAN be fun.

Take a deep breath because here comes a little more knowledge. If you don’t have a hygrometer or you want to figure out the humidity without one, there are other ways but the simplest way is to look at my head. You will notice that my hair appears several inches shorter than it actually is on days when it rains, or when it feels like it damn well SHOULD hurry up and rain and let the dry air, well behaved hair, and a tiny bit of sanity return. 

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