And now for a NAP

Today was a nice break from the 98 degree hell hole that kept the pups and I from really getting out there the past couple of days. I’m at work crazy early every morning so I’m stuck with mid to late day time slots for hitting the street (and no, not in the way that might help defray the kids college tuition payments) which I’m not thrilled about during the summer. 

I’m stubborn (a shocking revelation i am sure) and will NOT give up my walks and runs because they keep me from feeling all stabby and murdery and thus out of jail, so despite a tangled and confused start, walks on the face of the sun it is. 

The girls took a million and three shady stops and one super impromptu and equally long “lake break” right in the middle of our trek that almost landed me ass over teakettle in the water with them.

 We somehow managed an over all time of 18 minutes a mile for out 4.5 miles so clearly, we are not QUITE ready for my Smuttynose half marathon in October. As soon as we got home the pups sacked out. On me. I guess I’m napping right where I am. 

As it turns out, dogs ARE the most “faithful” companions. They dragged me over for a shade break at the grotto of Mary, so at least I don’t have to worry about their state of grace….🐾🐾🐾🐾👣




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