Questionable choices

8 schools. 8 schools visited in a single afternoon, in raw, rainy weather. My shoes are soaked through and my feet are cold and wet. I’m damp in places I forgot could get damp. I honestly can’t tell if I’ve peed myself, or just dripping from the sideways wind blown drops and careless cars passing me next to puddles. To be frank, I don’t even care at this point. I just want to crawl into a hot cup of tea and stuff my face with bad decisions. 

The only problem is that I forgot which side of the last school I parked on. I’ve circled the building twice now and I’ve attempted to gain entry to three different like colored vans. I’ve made friends. I feel like we’re really gonna stay in touch after everything we’ve been through in that second lap we took together around the school, looking for my car. I’ll cheer them on at games and spelling bees, and they’ll mention their undying admiration for me in their valedictory addresses, and Nobel prize acceptance speeches. It will be epic. For now, I just want to find my damn car. 

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