Sunday brunch with babybear­čÉ╗…

Babybear­čÉ╗ snagged the dress I set out to wear, “borrowed” (I’ll never get it back, I am allowed to “borrow some” when I need it now…) my favorite hair goop, fell in love and immediately claimed ownership of the new lip gloss I picked out for myself, and then instructed me breezily as she passed by in a cloud of my perfume that I needed to “be sure to pick out a dress in a complimentary color palette”.  
It all happened so fast. One moment she was only Chuck Taylors and her brothers too large favorite tee shirts, paired with jeans or sweats, and a glowering, shuddering, vocal disgust for anything “foofy and pink and girlie”. In a heartbeat she is openly taking my clothes off my body and walking away pulling them onto her own, leaving me to choose another entire outfit if I want peace within my walls. 

For years she refused to let me even touch her beautiful mane, recoiling in agony if I so much as ran my hand lovingly down the luxurious length of brown sugary locks. Suddenly she is pushing herself between me and the mirror with orders to braid or curl or help regain control of wayward waves.

I can refuse her nothing, this powerfully willed girl as she blossoms and explodes into this amazing, complicated, wild and soulful young woman. 
And so I did. I went to my closet and pushed between the dresses until I found one suitably complimentary in color to her own dress. My dress. My child. My delight, and we headed to brunch in our finery, well heeled in laughter, wit, and happy company and we brunched. ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

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2 thoughts on “Sunday brunch with babybear­čÉ╗…”

  1. Yes, our daughters just seem to leap from toddler, to teen in the proverbial blink of an eye. Now I am sure that this “woman of a certain age” could muster up a complimentary outfit suitable for brunch, lunch, or whatever adventure that this beautiful, loving, funny, strong, anything-goes-young woman dreams up! Count me in!

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