When life hands you lemons

If life hands you lemons maybe wait a beat and sleep it off right where you are before doing a damn thing because you are definitely high. Or drunk. Or working through a Freudian nightmare. I say this in kindness because if you’re seeing a metaphysical concept that has manifested itself into a humanistic form just to give you citrus produce to test your entrepreneurial prowess, then you are in no shape to open up even a lemonade stand, much less make larger life decisions. If life gives you lemons, sleep it off my friend, sleep it off. Plan B can wait until you’re sober.

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Blogger, life enthusiast, queen of chaos. Author and star of #closertocrazy, and Hairbeast Productions. I live in north central Massachusetts on a tiny misshapen, entirely accidental farm. Life is always an adventure! Available for freelance writing and social media Brand Building consultation Contact me at lastlaughliz@gmail.com to discuss projects and fees

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