Naked update

Naked update: 

Yesterday, in desperation and heat exhaustion I expressed that I was within degrees and moments of ripping my clothes off and finishing my food shopping in my underwear. 

The fall out:
What transpired next was a concerning number of messages (a deluge, in fact) imploring me to please leave my clothes on and come use their pool, or a friends pool, even a few kiddie pools. The odd person or two suggested I actually ADD layers, and maybe a hat and sunglasses.

My take away from this: 
The majority of people who know me prefer that I remain clothed, apparently afraid of the rioting of offended masses of onlookers, and the potential of my irresponsible and rash act contributing to the delinquency of minors. 

Have it your way world. For now. But I’m way past 40 and rapidly sprinting headlong into the years where I want what I want, I say whatever pops into my head without filter, and probably won’t give a damn about wearing (or not wearing) what ever I damn well please. Be warned.

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