And cookies as big as your head!

And cookies as big as your head!

Yes, there are things in life we have to do. Like take care of yourself so that you can use your gifts to enrich the lives of others. It’s true. And it’s a GOOD thing, because even when it’s hard to motivate to take that walk, to make healthy choices, to see your doctor regularly, those have to’s make you stronger and better able to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Still, it’s important to feed EVERY part of you. Today, I’m sitting in an hours long enrichment which is certainly…enriching. I enjoy the topics, they are presented charismatically and I know I’ll use a lot of this material in developing my syllabus for each grade. HOWEVER…it’s drenchingly lovely outside. The air smells delicious and sprigy and beckons invitingly for me to play hookey…I long to sneak out and go play, but I know that I need this and so here I sit (ok, I’m taking a moment to write this piece. I’m human, sue me. I already know this part, anyway.), and repeatedly try to refocus my attentions and take studious notes. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you think about it, I mean, they’re going to feed us after. Just have to make it through the tough stuff to get to dessert…and there are cookies as big as your head!
Early detection is your best defense. Please see your doctor regularly. Get checked.

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One thought on “And cookies as big as your head!”

  1. I channeled your staying power yesterday as I felt like a goldfish in a bowl by the window. Longing to be out in the beautiful weather, to run, (who am I kidding) play, and maybe even frolic!!!
    I was a good fella (not like the movie) and finished my work, and at the end of the day. . . No cookies for old men???

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