Namaste, now pass me the damn pastry

Day 3 Breast Cancer awareness challenge 

Namaste, now pass me the damn pastry. 

It’s all about balance, baby. You’ll have noted in pictures of me at work that I am always sitting on a ball. Yup. I’m that weird, crunchy granola, hippy dippy health nut who rolled my ball into my office on my first day of work to the stunned and suspicious looks of my colleagues. A Ball? A BALL? A ball. Yes, a BALL. I have two speeds: on and off. I try to keep moving because my body manages pain better as long as it stays in motion. The moment I sit for longer than 2 minutes, my spine, my legs, my feet hear the whistle and they punch OUT. So I sit on a ball if I have to sit at all. I’m pretty adept at balancing on it now too while I work on my computer, shifting constantly to keep on top. Yes, I know the next question popping into everyone’s mind right now: Does she fall off the ball? And the answer is a resounding FREQUENTLY. I frequently fall off the ball. On many deep and mysterious levels that only my therapist and my priest are privy to. Still, the physical act of falling off the ball and always trying to find my balance works brilliantly as a metaphor my life. 

Human beings need food, shelter, and love. We need to get up and move our asses so that our hearts and lungs and bones and brains and a bunch of other body parts can get and stay strong. However you want to move it (walk, run, swim, bike or any one of a billion other types of exercise) you either move it or lose it. Or so my doctor swears is true and I am prepared to believe her since She went to medical school and I went for donuts. 

Donuts are as important to your health as all that other stuff, and by donuts I mean whatever you treat yourself to, indulge in decadently and feel like the cat that are the canary while your doing it. Everything in moderation is the key to joy and a bit of inner peace. It’s our ability to challenge our bodies and minds daily to be better, stronger and healthier, coupled with mini vacation spots sprinkled throughout such as naps (GOD, how I love NAPS.), meditation, prayer, pastries, trashy reads, blasting your anthem songs and singing badly and loudly and proudly that really make a life. 

It’s crucial to take care of ALL parts of yourself, including the donut eating, yoga ball balancing dichotomy that is life. Without a little sugar, life can be bland and even down right bitter. Spice it up. Get moving! Your body needs you to do it to help fight disease, and those donuts won’t walk themselves to your door…..

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