Smile and kick some ass

Day 1: I was asked by a friend to complete the ten day selfie challenge for breast cancer awareness and on each new day to challenge someone new. The challenge hits close to home for me because my own grandmother chose my mother’s life over treatment for a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer while she was pregnant. There were very few options back then, none very hopeful, and if she was going to fight for something, she chose to fight for her child. She gave birth to the most amazing woman I know, never leaving that hospital, never having the chance to see her own legacy grow. She was amazing….she passed her spirit on to my mom, a force of nature unto herself. My mother taught me to always find the good in every situation and every person. She taught me the power of laughter in healing. She astounds me to this day. Her mother left a grande legacy to the world in my own mother. For my mother, and for my grandmother, I fight for you. 

*Early detection is your best defense. Please see your doctor regularly. Get checked.

Please keep this going.

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2 thoughts on “Smile and kick some ass”

  1. Thank you dear daughter! As you well know from repeated telling of my mother’s story, that in the midst of dealing with such a disease, and only listening to the one doctor who encouraged her and my father that her baby would be born healthy, my parents chose life and in choosing life their legacy endures to this very day and well into the future. They would be so proud of their grandchildren, and great grandchildren all the while their love beaming God’s grace and love over us all. Your strength comes from within, and bursts out in loving ways that touch so many lives. Blessings ❤

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