The heaven and hell of OCD

OCD can be a hell of a struggle. Yeah, I know what you’re all thinking: “Is there a mental health affliction at ALL that this poor woman has been spared?!?!?” I ask that question a lot myself. I like to put it to a vote with the screaming voices in my head. While the voices have unanimously agreed that we should order Chinese food for lunch today, we are a hung jury on the specific amount of crazy we are. Back to my OCD. It’s really more of a numbers game. Running has exacerbated it. All runners are afflicted this way, just ask any friend that runs how many times they’ve dragged their running group, or gone solo around the block at the end of their run just so they can hit a nice round number. Or a perfect series of numbers. Or a lucky sequence of numbers. Or whatever personal hell number forces them to add more distance to an already exhausting distance so they can sleep at night. It’s not pretty inside our heads, but it’s FUN. This brings me to the video below. I can not begin to tell you how this fete almost surpasses the feeling of running my first half marathon. To glance down and see a glorious string of nines…to watch as the whole thing rolled victoriously over to 100,000…I had not dared to hope to see such a satisfying combination. To all my OCD peeps, ENJOY.

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3 thoughts on “The heaven and hell of OCD”

  1. I was going to say that it was good that you stopped where you were, lest the magic number disappear and spoil your celebration, but then I realized that there was another mile of grace right around the corner, since 1000001 is a nicely symmetrical number. (The going after that gets a bit rougher, though, until you hit 110011, then 11111 … – guess there’s a bit of the OCD in all of us!)

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  2. I believe that the OCD aspect is just in our DNA – seriously. I have this thing about numbers (and I am so NOT a Math wiz – more of a math zip!). When working in our checkbook, I am constatnly fascinated by the grouping of numbers that seem to just “organize” themselves, and sometimes wonder if I should play the lottery – (which I don’t) – ’cause those numbers are just compelling! Then of course, there’s the whole “tracking my steps” thing – I will jog in place, or walk briskly around the house just to get those numbers to round up. Yep, Elizabeth, there really is a “Santa OCD” Clause in our DNA!

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