My kids are creepier than yours

My kids are creepier than yours.

And without any preamble, Caleb climbed into the car and announced that, if any of us are alive when he dies, he would like his body shot into the sun. He plans to have enough life insurance to cover the cost of the rocket. Luci announced without looking up from texting (and here I am guessing she had a less than stellar day at school taking the MCAS) that she would like one hand cryogenically frozen into a fist with her middle finger extended. She doesn’t care what we do with the rest of her. Liam added without taking his headphones off or looking up from his phone, that he plans to be fed to the fish so he can complete the circle of life. And then there was only silence as I drove on, suddenly aware that my kids are creepier than yours….

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3 thoughts on “My kids are creepier than yours”

  1. Okay, you win! YOUR kids are most definitely creepier than any of the four of you ever were, and that’s saying a LOT! Oh, and the whole “multi-tasking-multi-responding” thing? That just speaks loudly to a previous blog regarding our OCD/ADHD DNA – It’s just in our genetics! Oh, and did I mention that I am truly laughing OUT LOUD?

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  2. WOW, I have NO idea when nor where we turned this particular corner, but Lo and behold; here we are.

    Our children are completely BONKERS! And you know what? . . . not that surprising. I love that they got both your and my craziness! Not one of them missed-out!

    They are beautiful (obviously from you), compassionate, and loony!!!

    See you in therapy,

    Dale Father of the Year 2016 (Honorable Mention)


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