Mother’s Day 

Today is Mother’s Day. My own mother gave me my first Mother’s Day card while I was still expecting my first baby. She told me that though I hadn’t yet held this child in my arms, I was every bit a mother for the life that grew within. So this picture is of my very first Mother’s Day, or rather, a few months after in early August just before Baby #1 came and greeted the world and changed my life forever. I stood on moonlight beach in Encinitas, California and watched the sunsetting on another day. We lived in a house less than two miles from Moonlight, what a dreamy name. I went every single day. Early each morning to swim before work, and late each afternoon to bathe in the sunset. One day more blessed to carry this baby within me. I loved being pregnant every single time. I loved every second. I loved watching my belly grow huge and round, smooth and stretched over my child. I marveled and delighted in every tiny movement, every breath taking roll, each mysterious shape that appeared and moved across the magnificent expanse of my midsection. I was awe struck by the knowledge that within me an entire person was growing. A human being entirely their own. Someone I could not wait to meet. 

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there, and to every woman who has mothered someone and taught them to love with their hearts.


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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day ”

  1. Happy Mothers’ Day Elizabeth! You are a blessing beyond words to your children, and I see their love for you bubble so liberally from within! You have marked them forever by your love and example! I cannot possibly give words to fully explain the respect and awe I have for the dedication, passion, humor, and Love Love LOVE!!! Thank you for being the mother of our children. . . And the most amazing human I know! I love you with all that I have and all that I know!!!

    As you wish,



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