You’re a horse’s ass


So today at work I started to compile the master cast list for one of the christmas pageants. We host two with completely different casts of kids, one on Monday, and another on Tuesday. So far I have (Childrens roles in just the Monday pageant, and not including narrators, Mary, Joseph, etc…) 7 stars, 6 paraders (don’t ask…), 5 wise men, 20 shepherds, 32 barn animals (one special request to “be a cow”), and 37 angels. Everyone will be costumed. Everyone. You would not believe the number of children who want to be the BACK half of the two person animals. I have two camel costumes, and a donkey costume (so a total of 6 spots to fill) and I have 17, SEVENTEEN kids who are vying for those spots. Not just any part of the animal mind you, but specifically asking to “Please be the back half” of the animal….I have often wondered if they realize they will be facing the back end of another kid in an enclosed costume for an hour. A long, hot, gassy hour….I seriously had to draw names out of a hat to pick the “lucky” kids. I continue to insist that I have the best job in the world because every year I get to look some of the kids right in the eye and say “Yep, you’re a horse’s ass…”

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One thought on “You’re a horse’s ass”

  1. Ah, yes dear daughter, you do have a way with words and images and in ‘hind sight’ am just as dumb-struck that anyone would want to be a horse’s ass, or for that matter an Ass’s ass, while facing the buttocks of another, shall we say, FACE MASK??? anyone??? Oh, yes, I am smiling indeed, ’cause be-hind it all resting on her own butt-insky/theezoo, is the mastermind and facilitor of such imagery!

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