The long deep breath goodnight

The long deep breath goodnight

I can’t honestly say when I have needed this more. A breath. A pause. A stillness in my heart. This life, this beautiful, amazing,  painful life, it’s poignancy made crushingly present in devestating pieces. How much clarity can be found in a moment held; to allow the waters to still, the elements swirling around me to settle. My feet feel rooted to this place in my soul, a reluctance to abandon the solace of silence and empty thought for the hastening calls of my deepening cares. But my deepening cares will not be silenced. They need tending to, and so I pause a moment to draw one last deep breath goodnight.

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2 thoughts on “The long deep breath goodnight”

  1. Pausing to ponder and to percieve God’s presence in all things, whether from the top of a mountain, or walking along the edge of the ocean, or climbing out of those valleys that can block our view, and taking the time to take those long deep breaths, to still your beating heart, helps in moving forward one step at a time, pulling those roots along just to keep you grounded, which you are!

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  2. Beautifully put. It reminds me of a story I once heard. A European explorer in Africa had been pushing his party hard, and after a few days the native bearers all just sat down. When he asked why they had stopped so suddenly, they answered that they had been going so fast that they needed to take some time to allow their souls to catch up with their bodies.

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