The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful 

The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. I love my body, warts and all. For the record, I don’t actually have any warts unless you count the time I had plantar warts on my feet that I refused to see a doctor for and instead dug them out myself using a crudely made homeopathic method of applying clear nail polish, letting it dry, and then cutting it off. No, Mensa will not be banging down my door any time soon for membership dues. It’s a testament to both my ingenuity and my stubbornness that I managed to succeed. My method took a while and was perhaps not one I would recommend to any sane human being, but I survived myself. I survive myself all the time. For over a decade my body and I have had a rather dubious relationship, consisting in a series of trial and error attempts to overcome lapses in both judgment and reliability. I have lovely stretches of time, months even, when I can almost fly. I run every chance I get, miles and miles, happy and free of too much pain, my feet working well, my legs nice and strong, my spine in compliance and pain at a nice, low level. I am bullet proof during these glorious months. And then there are the downward slopes, the never convenient periods where no matter how hard I try, how good I am to myself, my feet start to fumble, my legs lose their accuracy and fatigue accompanies me where ever I go and I’m back to square one. 

I am blessed. I am well loved. I am as stubborn as hell, my humor as irreverent as it is possible to be and still have the keys to my office at work (I work for a church…), and a long view I appreciate from the perspective the challenges of others has afforded me, all of which serve to keep my spirits high, and my determination mighty. Two weeks ago I was so happy just to be able to go for a walk. 

My legs were not cooperating, my spine was on fire and the medications and steroids were slowly beginning to coax my body towards being more of a team player. Every day that I could, I walked, until I could run again. So today feels like Christmas to me because while it may not last long, today I could run like the wind. ❤️



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3 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful ”

  1. You constantly impress and amaze me in your passionate pursuits of life and living it fully. My love, you are an inspiration, a joy, and a blessing to me and all who are fortunate enough to call you friend, work/walk beside you, and/or by chance encounter!!!!
    As I thank God for you in my life,
    Dale (Hubster)

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  2. As I read your thoughts again and again I continue to be impressed, inspired, and encouraged by your avid pursuit and love of life!!! We all are our own worst critics, and yet you bring into light a full spectrum of appreciation of the physical you! Through the rainbow of functionality and frustration. As you well know, I am your most enthusiastic fan, and am particularly fond of your physical presence! I will say wholeheartedly, and I know I am in good company, that I count myself as sincerely blessed to have you in my life. Every day as you embrace life for all it has in store, I thank God that we found each other, that you are who you are, and you see what you see, and that you love me without restraint! Through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautifu; I look forward to growing old by your side!

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  3. You most definitely put a whole new spin on what to do while W A I T I N G and W A I T I N G for a VERY L O N G time for that doctor to make a presence. I have often thought of billing those particular MDs for my hours spent waiting and waiting and ….. ah, yes, your ability to challenge the wait with wit is stunning! I often think of your Mimeré waiting for the Podiatrist to exam her feet, and the pure and simple naked experience when he finally did walk into the examing room! A suggestion, oh crazier than crazy, next time you may want to check for hidden cameras! 😉 Meantime, keep it up! ‘Cause we all need a smile, we need LOTS and LOTS of smiles 🙂

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