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I like cross training and adding different things into the mix to challenge myself when I start to feel complacent in my running. I’ll swap in piyo, swimming (not free style, I’m just not made for that kind of coordinated breathing/arms/legs/rotation while not drowning technique. Nope. I’m a breast stroke girl. I can breast stroke for an hour at a snails pace without stopping. Anything jazzier and your just watching me worry the lifeguards. So I’m trying jump roping. It’s supposed to be this basic and yet epic whole body work out. Build up some nice bone density, strengthen my heart and lungs (yes, after 40, and I’m 45 staring down the barrel of 46, you find yourself admiring people’s landscaping, laughing at the “senior moments” jokes in the local paper, and referring to everyone younger than you (even by a day) as “honey”. It stands to reason that my approach to being healthy is constantly viewed through the lens of how each activity can hold of the ravages of time. So, my cardio strengthening /bone densityworkout, here I come!
It turns out that jump roping is NOT my thing. I want it to BE my thing, but it just is not my thing. It’s like having a seizure while navigating an obstacle course of your own arms and legs. I am not one to surrender so easily and pull on the depends, but this jump roping thing has me rethinking the merits of adult diapers and how good it might feel just to let it all go. I mean, if jump roping feels like going tubing at high speeds, minus the tube, is it really worth it? I realize I am being overly dramatic. Those of you who know me will probably sit back in shock at that revelation and shake your head in disbelief. “Overly dramatic? Elizabeth? Nooooooo.” I know, I know, it shocks me too. I’ll stick with the jump roping a few minutes a day and see if I can get myself to the point where I’m not lying in spasm on the ground, hog tied by the jump rope, a fete I accomplish without any outside help at the moment. If I can’t nail this down in a week or two, then I’m heading to Walmart for orthotics and those diapers we spoke of earlier. I won’t use them just yet, probably try a few other exercises first, but I’ll put them away for that day I will need them. That’s if I still know my name. Until that time comes, BRING IT ON!

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One thought on “The body electric”

  1. You remember how I tried to ‘teach’ our Luci all those years ago, unfortunately I did not do it on level ground, and found jumping rope on a lumpy lawn to be hazardous and definitely a dumb idea! But, heck, look at our girl now! Not to mention, LOOK AT HER MOM! You always manage to put a smile on my face, and the whole pee thing had me dashing for the bathroom, as my bladder seemed to be responding to just the idea of jumping up and down! Now where the heck did I put those depends, and my jump rope? Oh, that’s right, now I use that ‘rope’ to hang my panties out to dry!

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