A hootenenny errupted on our homestead! Our two ornery but lovable goats, Gabriel “horn smasher” Rawlinson, and his uni-horned brother, Gideon the proud, successfully petitioned the ruling board for more spacious accommodations located on higher ground as befitting their haughty, regal nature.


Apparently, living in the lowlands of our humble yard led to feelings of inadequecy, a LOT of mud, and an odorous quality known during the wet months of the year by our two footed, indoor dwelling offspring as “goat butt hell”.

The chickens initially objected citing numerous counts of “fowl play”(yes, I went there. I went for the uninspired pun. I haven’t slept much so give me a break.) by the mischievous goats, but withdrew their objection when one of them pointed out to the others that a move to higher ground by the brothers Grimm-smelling would probably increase the property value of their “Coup-de-ville” luxury style housing. Terms were agreed upon, the site approved, and construction began on the 3rd of July, the year of our lord (“THANK the lord!” cried the children) 2015 to much fanfare and dancing.

Stay tuned for more updates as our saga continues. Will the interior stalls be finished before the next big rain storms? Will the new fencing for the goats area be up before Christmas? Will the idiot brothers make the move with no further loss of horns? Our closertoctazy life story continues…..

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